Playground Fencing

Playground fencing is an essential part of any play area, but it needn’t just be functional. You can brighten up any play area with our fun yet secure playground fencing. Our specialised playground timber picket fencing is the perfect alternative to ordinary picket fencing, so you can choose from fences painted with dolphins, flowers or snakes or traditional galvanised steel. Or why not opt for our best seller, the pencil fencing for playgrounds? Significantly, our pencil fencing can be manufactured to any height, so it will fit your requirements exactly.

Unique Fencing Products From Rhino Play

What’s more, our fencing is available in various different materials; including redwood timber, galvanised steel and HDPE plastic. For more information about playground fencing prices, please contact us.

Fundamentally, fencing helps to provide a clean and safe environment for children to play in. Perimeter fencing helps to keep children safe by ensuring that they do not run straight out into the path of oncoming vehicles.

close up wooden gate and fencing

Timber Picket Fencing

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multi colour pencil fencing

Pencil Fencing

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green school gates

Bow Top Fencing

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